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What is the eDemocracy Network?

You make hundreds of decisions every day, but in our current democratic system, the decisions that impact your life most are often made by someone else, without consulting you. Don't you deserve to.

Ethelo And Morphological Analysis

Morphological Analysis (MA), which means “the study of forms” is well established as a method for modelling structural relationships between objects and phenomena in a number of scientific fields.

What's the difference between Ethelo and a survey?

Ethelo is specifically designed to model complex decisions with many trade-offs and potential outcomes. Unlike traditional surveys, Ethelo forefronts communication, fairness and consensus, allowing.

What are Citizens' Panels?

Everyone deserves the chance to participate in the decisions that will impact them. But if you’ve struggled with balancing over-represented and under-represented voices in a public engagement, you.

6 Tips to Reach Beyond The Usual Suspects in Your Public Engagement

In a rush? Read this article at-a-glance by clicking below to download a checklist of 25+ ideas for making sure your engagement reaches a representative sample. One of the most frustrating challenges.

What is eDemocracy?

eDemocracy (a portmanteau of “electronic” and “democracy”) is an approach to democracy which emphasizes equity, fairness, and inclusion. eDemocracy seeks to combine the use of modern technology and.

Amidst Pandemic, BC Community Leads Innovative Climate Engagement Process

For Immediate Release: August 6, 2020 A new case study report was released today by the non-profit organization eDemocracy Solutions (the sister organization of Canadian tech company Ethelo). The.

Ethelo Partners with University of Waterloo to Optimize Algorithm

Can an algorithm be used for social good? Ricardo Fukasawa has made a career of studying algorithmic optimization, but the work usually centres around improving business efficiency to enhance a.

Are local governments going back to business as usual on climate?

A few months after an unprecedented global shut-down, the world is cautiously beginning to wonder what comes next in a post-COVID era. So far, are things going back to ‘business as usual’ for local.

Bringing Fairness and Transparency to Capital Projects

Capital projects are among the largest line items in any municipal budget, and as such, are among the highest sources of grief and outrage from the public if they feel their tax dollars are being.