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How to build trust in public engagements

The challenge of building trust – especially online – is one that has come up very often in our conversations with public servants and engagement specialists. And partially as a result of the.

7 Public Engagement Lessons from the Pandemic

The past two years have changed how local governments engage with their residents. From virtual open houses to online and hybrid engagement, we’ve all had to adapt to the "new reality". Our recent.

Ethelo enters the Realm of DAOs

Have you heard of “DAOs”? They are an emerging type of web-based organization that uses blockchain technology to self-organize. DAOs have gotten a lot of coverage recently in mainstream publications.

Recharging and Looking Ahead to 2022: A Local Government Perspective

2021 was another challenging year for local governments, and a particularly busy one for those working in public engagement. As we continue to face uncertainty amidst another wave of the pandemic,.

Decision Protocols as Governance Executables

Governance is emerging as one of the key challenges facing DAOs, and - as the space becomes more developed - crypto communities generally. Strong group decision-making will be critical to resolving.

Problems with Democracy

There are two approaches to engaging with political systems. The first, most common approach, is to engage with the system as it is and try to achieve better outcomes. The second is to imagine and.

Six Books Local Government Leaders Have on Their Summer Reading Lists

We’re getting deep into August and fall is just around the corner. But there’s still time to get some more summer reading done before things kick back into high gear in September.

Ethelo named a Best for the World B Corp™ for 2021 in Governance Impact

In March of 2021, we were proud to announce that Ethelo is a B Corp, and in April, Ethelo was named the world’s leading digital democracy platform. And the good news doesn't stop there! Just a few.

Salon Politic: Using Digital Technology to Bridge the Divide in Political Dialogue

There is a widespread and growing acknowledgement of the negative impact polarization, disinformation, and mistrust have taken on democracies in Canada and around the world. The growth of populism.

5 Steps Toward Building Relationships Between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Communities

Across Canada, many people are eager to learn how to be good allies to Indigenous peoples and many local governments are exploring ways to collaborate with neighbouring First Nations.