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What is eDemocracy and how does it compare to polls and surveys?

Have you ever heard the term 'eDemocracy,' and wondered what it meant?

Press Release: Offline Meets Online in a New Solution for Public Engagement During Physical Distancing

Two Canadian companies, Ethelo and Converso, are pleased to announce a new collaboration to address the challenges of public engagement during physical distancing. Their new Virtual Open House.

Why Carbon Budgets and Community Engagement are so Important

So we have declared a climate emergency…now what?

Climate Leader Ben West Joins eDemocracy Solutions and Launches Carbon Budget Platform

After nearly two decades of working on the issue of climate change, outspoken campaign organizer Ben West has now taken on a new role as Executive Director that he believes could help play a critical.

eDemocracy for Cities Gets a Big Boost

Press Release: July 17, 2019