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Salon Politic: Using Digital Technology to Bridge the Divide in Political Dialogue

There is a widespread and growing acknowledgement of the negative impact polarization, disinformation, and mistrust have taken on democracies in Canada and around the world. The growth of populism.

How to Make Police Budgeting Fair, Inclusive and Transparent

Across North America, municipal leaders are grappling with how to turn the energy of protesters in the streets calling for police reform into tangible policy changes that will meet the needs of a.

What is eDemocracy?

eDemocracy (a portmanteau of “electronic” and “democracy”) is an approach to democracy which emphasizes equity, fairness, and inclusion. eDemocracy seeks to combine the use of modern technology and.

Democracy in a Time of Social Distancing

Times of crisis are when democracies face their greatest challenges, and also when they show their greatest strengths. In recent weeks, we have seen governments around the world put to the test as.