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Are local governments going back to business as usual on climate?

A few months after an unprecedented global shut-down, the world is cautiously beginning to wonder what comes next in a post-COVID era. So far, are things going back to ‘business as usual’ for local.

11 Tips to Secure Funding from your next Government Grant Application

Grants are essential to helping local governments take on new projects and initiatives, but staff members are often stretched too thin to find and apply for them. The latest webinar in the eDemocracy.

Why Carbon Budgets and Community Engagement are so Important

So we have declared a climate emergency…now what? 

eDemocracy Webinar Explores How Local Governments Can Lead Climate Action

Contrary to what’s portrayed in most media, the solutions to the climate crisis are not going to come from international coalitions creating wide-ranging policy. Instead, true action and progress.
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